Moving on from being a punter to being a bet trader

Almost anyone who gambles these days will put their bets on online – either at a bookmaking site or a betting exchange, where you can both place bets and lay them (accept other people’s).

With online betting you have the flexibility to place bets wherever you are, whenever you want to, especially now that all the mobile betting apps are so easy to use.

What about when you’re watching a lot of markets at once, though? The more you get into placing multiple bets, the more complicated it becomes to keep on top of them all, jumping between different pages in order to look at different markets. That’s where trading apps come in really handy; they make it possible for you to scan multiple markets at once, and place bets with one click.

The Geeks toy trading app is just one example of many apps that have been developed for use with Betfair live data. As Betfair is the world’s largest betting exchange, you’ll find there are a number of different Betfair trading apps, each of which has its own pros and cons depending on which market you’re most interested in. For instance, Geeks Toy has been developed for use across all Betfair markets, but has a special in-play interface that has been designed for horse racing markets.

For someone who’s just getting into bet trading rather than having the odd punt now and then, Geeks Toy is ideal as it allows users to practice in training mode. That means you can try out different betting systems, setting your own criteria and limits, without using real cash.

Real Betfair data will show you how well you would have done had you actually placed real bets. You can switch to real money bets whenever you’re ready.

The ladder interface means that you can instantly see movements on multiple markets at once and trading tools mean that you will be quicker at placing bets than other betting exchange users, giving you that edge you need when trading bets.

With so much happening in the Premier League, Champions League and Euro 2016 qualifiers at the moment, now’s the perfect time to make use of the 14-day free trial on Geeks Toy to see if it helps improve your betting profits.

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