What are the Most Popular Sports at Online Sports Betting Sites?


Online sports betting continues to grow each year in the amount of people participating and the amounts wagered on sports teams.

Part of the reason why this type of betting is so popular is because the best online sites are so convenient. For example, a top online site like betloimp.com is easy to navigate, provides a complete set of sports, has payment and payout gateways built directly into the site so you can gamble seamlessly, and can be accessed on any internet connected device. For obvious reasons, this site continues to gain in popularity.

You’re the primary reason that the such top sites offer access to betting on the world’s most popular sports.

So what sports can you expect to be able to place a wager on at an online sports betting site?

Football / Soccer

Football is the most popular sport on the planet.

Today it is played by more than 250 million people end over 200 different countries. There are many levels of football from Weekend Warriors who use their time on the pitch to get out the frustrations that they’ve built up during the work week, to the highest level of professional football players who earn tens of millions of dollars every year to play the game.

Football is a tactical 90 minute game which strategy and patience are mingled with endurance end sudden action to create a game that is unique and compelling.

Some countries including Brazil, Mexico, Italy Spain, Germany, and the UK consider the sport their national pastimes and when an important national game is being played in the country, virtually the entire country shuts down.

In terms of sports betting, the amount of football games played every week and dozens of countries points to the amount of opportunities for bettors to wager. Each week hundreds of millions of dollars is bet on football and more and more of that money is being bet online.


Basketball up until recently was primarily an American sport. But over the last 25 years it is become popular in places as far-flung as Turkey, Lithuania, Australia, and Nigeria. In fact the United States professional league call the National Basketball Association now has players from more than 30 countries participating.

Basketball is one of the fastest growing games in the world primarily because it is easy to understand and filled with action. Because the basketball hoop is 10 feet high, players need to be tall and very skilled.

Betting on basketball is big business. There’s a thriving Marketplace for professional basketball games and then equally increasing market for betting on college basketball. As the sport continues to grow internationally betting on International games in various countries also increases. It might not be long before online basketball betting rivals football.


For the countries that don’t have large populations who enjoy Cricket, it is difficult to understand the popularity of this complicated sport.

Cricket is played over several days and involves strategy, strength, and endurance. Players must both keep track of the score, and manage their rosters in order to position themselves for victory.

The best cricket players have a sharp eye, and superhuman focus. Countries like India, and Pakistan where Cricket is the favorite sport, stadiums are filled to capacity with mesmerized fans.


Baseball might be the second most widely played sport in the world. Baseball lovers around the world participate in a mature and Semi-Pro leagues that are formed by organized groups or by groups searching to get a little exercise on weekends. At the professional Level Baseball is played in many different countries including the United States, Korea, and Japan.

The sport also has many Semi-Pro leagues in several countries including the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, and Australia.  By far the most popular place where baseball is played is the United States where it is called the national pastime.

Sports betting on baseball is very vibrant at both professional and college levels. Online betting on the sport continues to increase with some believing that the majority of baseball betting will be online within the next five years.

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