Betting Tips for Horse Racing: Increase Your Odds of Winning

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Horse racing is a favorite sport that was launched the moment horses started running and was patronised by numerous enthusiasts. Various changes and modifications in the game plan have been observed over time. Before, most especially in the ancient period, people sensibly pick a winning horse to maintain a good reputation and to manifest power in society.

However, today, the game has dramatically evolved. People who participate in horse racing carry with them their interest, whether for passion for horses or the hope of financial gain. Whatever reason, the fact that people always aim for a win when they are betting on horses will never be wiped away, either it’s for societal image, business or profit. So, to help you increase your betting odds in horse racing, take time reading the following…

Increase the odds of winning through betting tips.  Heed the tips below:

Tip 1: Choose Smaller Stables Over Prominent Names in the Industry

People tend to trust and put a higher value on bigger stables and huge-deal horses. As a result, they neglect the potentials that horses coming from small stables possess. Though horses from bigger stables experience high maintenance and quality care services, it does not guarantee that they will perform best in the actual race. Besides, these horses are often over-bet, and most of the time, they demand a more substantial amount of money.

While others are busy lining up and betting on horses from bigger stables, you must be wise and look for horses from smaller stables that promises a good race. Keep an eye to up-and-coming stables that bargain reasonable and decent rate. Remember, they may be a novice and still starting up in the business, but they can be the potential top racehorse producers in time. Thus, make sure to partner with them and fill your pocket while they are still at your financial reach!

Tip 2: Know the Common Types of Horse Racing Bets

There are only two general types of horse racing bets: The exotic wagers and the straight wagers. Before getting onto the racecourse and paying for your chance, make sure that you know what you enter yourself and your money into. Thus, you must know the different types of horse racing bets.

If you are a beginner, it is sensible to settle for straight wagers. This type is not very complicated to understand because all you have to do is choose and put a bet on a horse that might come first. Also, a straight wager is cheaper. Thus, you are not putting too much stake.

Exotic bets, on the other hand, is a little difficult to comprehend when compared to straight bets. It requires skills and knowledge on picking the right horses. Besides, in just a single wager, you need to put multiple bets to multiple horses. Hence, it requires more money. This is the reason why exotic bets like Yankees or Lucky15’s are more expensive and costly. However, profit in this type is higher if your bets win.

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Tip 3: Pick the Right Horse Before the Race Day

To secure yourself in picking the right and winning horses, you should do extensive research. Today, aside from newspapers and magazines, there are already numerous accessible websites that provide the profile and previous racing records of horses. Start from there and pick horses that show the qualities of a real champion.

Do not settle on what you read. Nowadays you can see for yourself the horse in action by watching video replays of its past runs. Through this, you can assess how your best-chosen horse runs and get a good feel if it’s truly right for your bets. However, bear in mind that its past performance does not guarantee the future results, thus, back yourself up with multiple stakes and narrow them down to the actual race where you can evaluate them in the flesh.

Tip 4: Evaluate a Potential Champion During Preliminaries

If you are done with your homework, it’s time you staked your selections. Before the actual race, the horses are paraded through the paddocks. This preliminary event is the perfect time where you can concretely assess the horses’ physical features and make a real judgment if it’s worth your bet or not.

Upon looking at the physicalities of the equine athletes, make the first glance and see if it is fit for the race. You can quickly notice if a horse is healthy or not. There are few indicators like its coat is shiny, its mood is in the right place, its eyes are bright and focus, and it is not sweating nor bucking. Be alert and observant, have keen eyes, and you’ll make it toward the winners enclosure!


There is no exact science for horse race outcome predictions methods. Even experts in horse racing still find betting as a big risk. No one and nothing can ever give you a 100% guarantee of picking a winner because there are a lot of unexpected circumstances that can influence its result.

But, being prepared and being abreast to the trends in this industry will increase your odds in winning. With proper research and betting tips, you will surely make good, logical bets and with that long term profits.


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