A Glimpse Into the Lives of Messi and Ronaldo off the Field

Have you ever wondered what kind of lives do the two most popular football players in the world have off the field? They earn a lot of money from professional sports careers, but each of them decides to spend it differently…

Thanks to betting sites, we can now take a look behind the scenes by checking out their infographic titled “Messi vs. Ronaldo: 101 Facts to Prove Who’s the Best Footballer.”

By looking at the infographic below, we can see that when Ronaldo was still playing for Real Madrid, Messi was earning much more on a weekly basis. His weekly wage at FC Barcelona was $44.68 million, but Ronaldo managed to earn “only” $1.1 million a week. Moreover, Messi had a contract with Argentina, which would secure him another $650,000 a week.

Back Of The Net! ..Worth

However, thanks to the sponsorships, promotions, and private businesses, Ronaldo’s net worth is $110 million higher than Messi’s. But we wouldn’t be worried about Messi; he still has plenty to survive as his net worth is $340 million.

Messi and Ronaldo are football superstars, but they are still humans, just like you and me. Therefore, they spend a lot of time on social media and like posting pictures of themselves. Ronaldo spends more time there and is more successful in terms of followers. His total number of followers is 319 million, the majority of which are on Instagram ands some 75 million followers on Twitter.

The most popular posts are the ones with their families, so it seems that fans enjoy having a glimpse into their private lives. Messi’s photo with his wife and three children amassed 6.4 million likes, whereas Ronaldo’s photo with his girlfriend and son accumulated 11.3 million likes.


If you know about these social media posts and are one of the millions who liked them, you will still find other interesting info about the two superstars in the infographic. You can check it out below…

Ronaldo Vs Messi

Image credit – Vanessa Modely [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Image credit – Fanny Schertzer [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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