In the autumn of 2015 a world record online slot jackpot landed.  It paid out a breathtaking €17,879,645.12.  Yes, all those numbers and commas means the haul was just short of €18 million!

The slot which paid out this massive bonanza, won by a 26-year-old soldier from England, was ‘Mega Moolah’ a so-called progressive jackpot game which can be played online 24/7. The new multi-millionaire may not have been playing online slots for free, but his winning spin cost just 25 pence.  

Amazingly this monster payday only just made the headlines as it surpassed the previous Guinness Book of Records best by a mere €18,000.  This haul went to a 25-cent-a-spin player, this time from Finland, who trousered a remarkable €17,861,813.00 back in 2013.  

The online slot machine which dumped its booty back then was ‘Mega Fortune’ another popular online slot which can be played at Mr Green and a host of other online casinos which can be played on PC and Mobile.

‘Progressive’ or ‘accumulative’ jackpot slots are the essence, the pure distilled spirit of online gaming.  Fun and entertaining with meaningful cash prizes and the prospect of winning riches beyond your wildest dreams for pennies.

Naturally you can win the occasional €10 million on the Lotto but, for most of us most of the time, is there any real excitement watching a few ping-pong balls emerging from a washing machine over the course of 60 seconds?  No.

Furthermore mid-range prizes with Lotto’s world-wide are pretty thin on the ground. The bottom prizes on the pay-ladder rarely do no more than pay for a few more Lotto tickets.

Online slots on the other hand… Not only will a progressive mega jackpot scoop take care of yours and your own for a long time – the average Meaga Moolah progressive jackpot is €3 million – there’s plenty of three, four, five and six-figure prizes to be won.

In fact, in addition to the main ‘Mega’ jackpot, these machines offer three other progressive jackpots which run concurrently.  They may be smaller but the Mini, Minor and Major Jackpots ‘land’ more frequently when playing ‘Mega’ online slots.

So the next time you purchase your Lotto tickets, spend days in anticipation only to be left as deflated as a balloon that’s been sat behind the sofa since Christmas time by 8.31pm twice a week, just consider there is another way.