Smart Bets To Help You Build Your Cash Pot


I have been betting on sports for many years now and one thing that always surprises me when I speak with friends of mine who also like a flutter, is how many of them waste money trying to get rich off one result. I have always viewed gambling as more of a marathon than a sprint and I like to build slowly, rather than chancing it on a big jackpot.

One great way to get started with a new bookie is to find some tasty welcome offers which you can use to get the ball rolling in terms of your cash pot. There are loads of offers out there such as free bets, free spin offers and even enhanced odds when you sign up for a new company, a great way to get things started. I wanted to share with you some great ways to build your cash pot, and why it makes sense.

Cash Building Tips

Sport is not going anywhere, and nor are the betting companies so you need to think about the long game when betting, not only the here and now, try out these cash builders.

  • Banker Doubles

Instead of betting on a 15 team accumulator to make you rich, something which so very rarely happens, why not try a safe banker each weekend. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have a risky bet each week, but if £5 goes on your risky treble, put £20 on a safe double like Real and Barcelona, to cover your risk.

  • 1/2

Betting on probabilities of 1/2 has really paid dividends for me in recent years and it is these bets which have really helped me to build a healthy cash pot. I like to look for in-play odds of 1.33 or 1/2 to bet on and usually I like to go for ‘goal to be scored before minute X’. Like anything with gambling, there is no certainty that this will come off, but you will win at least 7/10.

  • Be Brave

In my view, putting £2 on a 500/1 shot is foolish not brave and instead I like to bet big on low odds to build the pot. Now, betting £100 on Manchester United beating Brighton for example, can be scary because of the money that you are parting with, but the probabilities are high and you could make an easy £20 from such a bet. Be brave if you want to build.

  • Importance

The reason why building a cash pot is so important is so that you can take on those big bets, and ensure that you are gambling with winnings, instead of digging in to your own money each week.

I am at a point now where I bet up to £600 on 1/3 shot or higher, returning £100-£200. I only ever bet with profit and I take my original stake out each time. Building the pot for a while will put you in a position to go bigger on your betting and make winning far easier.


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