Safety in secure ‘casino banking’ numbers


Online casinos are one of the safest places on the internet, they have to be.  Millions in financial transactions take place every hour and that is not just the casino banking, traditional deposits and withdrawals.

Every wager, every spin, every card that is scratched and each card dealt involves a cash bet.  With so much money sloshing around, online casinos are the most obvious place for hackers to attack in the hope of dishonestly making off with someone else’ money.

But thankfully the biggest and best online casinos feature online security measures which are more sophisticated than many leading online financial institutions. Fact!

This is done through SSL digital encryption protocols.  SSL (Secure Socket Layer encryption) basically creates an encrypted link between your browser and the casino’s web server meaning all data passed between you remains completely private and secure.

An SSL certificate, which you will normally find it at the bottom of your online casino’s homepage, should reassure you that your casino banking and funds held on deposit are completely safe.

Endless casino banking options

This leaves you free to deposit your cash and withdraw your winnings in a worry free fashion.  And there is no real concern about how to make your financial transactions given how PayPal, Skrill and Neteller have revolutionised the way we shop online.  

Old faithful’s, like Visa, Maestro and Mastercard, are still very much at the forefront of online casino banking but their market share is diminishing as new quick-fire payment options keep coming and coming.

One such example is PaySafe, an excellent voucher purchase system which can be bought in shops all over the British Isles and Ireland.  A few taps and clicks later and that voucher can be used to replenish your online casino account balance.

Bitcoin could have casino banking in bits

Unfortunately you cannot print off a PaySafe voucher of your own and take any online casino winnings to a shop to be exchanged for cash. So, ultimately, you will have to cash-out in an alternative method such as a cheque or bank transfer.

This brings us full-circle, incorporating what we were trying to use in the first place, our bank accounts.  But it is hard to get away from the inevitable and it’s a fact of life that wages, income and outgoings such as utility bills, invariably have to pass through a conventional bank account.

But wait, have you heard of this thing called Bitcoin?  The crypto currency is becoming immensely popular with online casino players and one day it might just do away with banking as we know it.

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