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Bonus points for posting up winners…

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    Ok, I will be awarding users extra bonus points for posting up winners on this scale, based on SP…

    Odds on – 5pts
    2/1 or less – 10pts
    5/1 or less – 20pts
    10/1 or less – 40pts
    16/1 or less – 60pts
    25/1 or less – 80pts
    50/1 or less – 100pts
    Above 50/1 – 150pts

    You may highlight one as your NAP of the day and if this one wins points will be worth DOUBLE!
    Extra 10pts if you include reasoning for your winning selections.

    5pts will be deducted for losing tips (10pts for losing Naps) from any points collected that day. Eg. If you tip a 6/4 winner and a loser you will receive 5 pts (10pts minus -5pts), if you tip a 8/1 winner with 2 losers your bonus will be 30pts. (+40-5-5)

    Singles only (for now). Please be patient as these will be added manually and not always the same day however, we will get round to you eventually 😉

    We will run it like this for a while and can tweak it as we go. If you get a winner please bump the post up to the top along with the results and SP’s so I can easily see who needs points.


    Remember you can still earn points automatically in all the existing ways too by simply joining in the discussions etc as outlined on the FAQ page.

    100 Points – For new members
    10 Points – For logging in each day
    20 Points – For each post you make
    10 Points – For avatar upload
    5 Points – Each reply your updates/posts receive (deducted if deleted)
    50 Points – For creating a Group (deducted for deletion)
    10 Points – Uploading a Group Avatar
    20 Points – For joining a Group (deducted upon leaving)
    10 Points – For a completed Friend Request (deducted if Cancelled)
    20 Points – New Group or Forum Topic
    5 Points – New Group or Forum Post

    Remember it’s just for fun, and my decision is final. I will do my best to be fair to all, so no squabbling please 🙂
    Hope it makes some sense and any feedback is welcomed.
    Let the games commence…

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    Minor adjustment : I will now only deduct 5pts (instead of 10) for each loser posted from any bonus points on the day. Seems a bit fairer

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